Saturday, February 23, 2008

The first step backwards...

Until about a month ago, it was all smooth sailing.

On that fateful Friday afternoon, things changed. René and I were spending one last lovely day on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the breeze. I went down to the water and he stayed to watch our stuff, but after awhile decided to keep me company as I looked lonely standing at the edge of the sea by myself (cause I generally think the water is too cold to go in). So he came down to visit and then had a swim while I went back to sit and read. When I arrived at our spot, the towels and our clothes were still there, but the backpack was missing. It had only been about five minutes and this was the only time we´d done that but, as they say, once is enough. We went immediately to the cops who were patrolling the beach and they took off on their motorcycles and made a report but to no avail. In the bag: (my) debit card, ankle bracelet, spanish-english dictionary, little notebook that I´d kept since Buenos Aires, playing cards, keys to the apartment, (his) camera!, about 30 CDs that I was going to copy at an internet cafe after the beach, his wallet (luckily without ID or credit cards), the first book he had ever read in spanish, and the notebook with all his spanish notes in it. We didn´t even have money to take the bus home. After a half hour of asking people for change and barely getting half of the $1 we needed, we gave up and walked the hour home. Since we couldn´t get in to the apartment, we went to Lisi´s and luckily she was home. I cancelled my card (the bank would only send a new one to the address on file in 7-10 days, and I couldn´t pay more for them to rush it or Fed-Ex it to Chile), we got ahold of our roommate and copied his keys, so at least something worked out.

Two days later, René took the bus back to Buenos Aires and I went to Santiago to meet with some girlfriends for a trip to Pucón, an "eco-adventure" town about eleven hours south. Lisi was nice enough to offer me her extra credit card so I could continue my travels to the south. I love that girl and don´t know what I would do without her!

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sharon said...

It was finally good to hear from you. Sorry about all the trouble you have been having. We are looking forward to having you home.Take care