Friday, February 1, 2008

First Summer Birthday!

Usually, my special day is in the darkest, rainiest part of winter, when I feel lucky to have a bit of sun at any point during the day. So I made the most of my first summer birthday this year.

Sushi on the patio, covered by a yellow umbrella--it was even tastier than it looks in these photos!



Then we went to the beach


Unlike usual, I actually went swimming this time! (Don´t worry, I took the dress of first =)


First of two cakes


Later that evening, Lisi had a BBQ for me at her house and we drank and ate all night with some Chilean friends (unfortunately, I forgot my camera)

Very lovely day!

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sharon said...

I'm glad your Birthday was so fun! Enjoy the sun while you can, we don't have any. Thanks for the pictures!